Jack of All Trades - Marketing Experts

In some circumstances, a ‘jack of all trades’ is a wonderful thing. Who doesn’t love the partner, parent or friend that can change a flat tyre while paying bills online and baking a hot apple pie? Being multi-skilled at life is handy, and saves both time and family finances. However, in a professional sense, is the jack of all trades really what is best for your business?

While having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ is a little too one-dimensional, in business it is important to have people and teams with specific areas of focus and expertise in order to succeed. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to come lay your newly purchased carpet. Even if he did know a little about carpet laying because he’d done it at home, it’s not his profession, and he’s likely not to do as good a job as the guy that lays carpets all day, every day. Similarly, if your accountant or business coach tells you they can look after your graphic design, web development and marketing strategy- beware. Just because they are into business growth doesn’t mean they are trained to understand the psychology behind consumer behaviour, nor does it mean they possess the creativity and digital experience required to construct and execute an exciting marketing campaign.

A Human Resources professional is unlikely to know, or care, about how the I.T department runs their side of a company. Technically minded people see to those things, and people-oriented individuals deal with HR matters. Each different department within a business knows a little about the other departments in order to operate as a whole, cohesive team, but everyone has their specific role and responsibility.

In the marketing space, we see lots of Jacks. Jacks of all trades have a little understanding on a lot of topics, but they haven’t mastered any. Marketing is an operation that needs to be planned and executed by professionals that work from a holistic perspective. Digital marketing has become a huge part of our industry, and it is most definitely the way of the future. There are many “experts” out there, who consider themselves such because they have been personal Facebook users for over a decade. This does not make one qualified for working in this highly specialised field.

We recommend trusting your business needs to credible, trained marketers, preferably that are recognised by a governing body like the Australian Marketing Institute that monitors ongoing professional development and skills training. You need a Master looking after your business not a Jack of all trades. Have an accountant look after your finances, a Human Resources specialist looking after HR, and have a team of experienced and qualified marketers looking after your marketing. Don’t buy into the idea that it’s best to trust everything to one person. Don’t hire Jack, call in the masters of their trades.

At Kis Marketing, we understand marketing and look at the ‘big picture’. We are passionate about understanding human psychology as it relates to consumer behaviour, and our creative and digital team specialise in designing and executing inventive, imaginative marketing plans and campaigns. Marketing is who we are, and what we do. If you’d like to learn more about marketing and how it can help you to grow your brand, give us a call on 4934 4556.