We are super excited to announce that the Kis Family is expanding. Our Marketing & Administration Assistant, Jade, is expecting a baby in August 2018. Our team are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this precious little boy, and he will officially become Kis Baby number 11. While we will miss Jade terribly during her maternity […]

In some circumstances, a ‘jack of all trades’ is a wonderful thing. Who doesn’t love the partner, parent or friend that can change a flat tyre while paying bills online and baking a hot apple pie? Being multi-skilled at life is handy, and saves both time and family finances. However, in a professional sense, is […]

February, the last month of summer and host of the most romantic day of the year. The exact origins of St. Valentine’s holiday has long been shrouded in mystery, with reports of both Christian and ancient Roman ties. In the western world, it became a popularly celebrated day around the 17th century with friends and […]

February has begun, and for most families, so has the 2018 school year. This time of year often evokes mixed emotions. It is the end of summer holidays, extra family time and sleep-ins, and the beginning of structure, routine and normal, hectic living. Not only does school resume, usually sports, tutoring and all other manner […]

Welcome to 2018! It seems like 2017 passed in a little bit of a flash and now we find ourselves just two years away from seeing in a new decade. Whether your business performed well last year or not, it’s time to start planning for this year, because we all know, “failure to plan is […]

Remarketing might sound like a foreign term, but you’re probably more familiar with it than you realise. You may have noticed that after visiting some websites, their digital adverts follow you on other searches, sites or while you’re reading the news or watching videos on YouTube? You may even feel like you are being followed. […]

Australian Executive Coach, Glenda May, equates much of her international success to becoming an author. By sharing her knowledge and expertise with others in her field and potential clients, she boosted her own reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and professional Coach. Her series of books has enabled her to reach an international market much quicker. […]

Cristen’s Stars of Newcastle Dance for Cancer Council campaign came to a glamorous end on June 17th at the NEX Centre as she waltzed her way to an amazing result! It was a night of fun, glitz and dancing where three expert judges gave critique and a final score to each contestant. Cristen’s ballroom debut […]

The digital world is changing at a rapid pace and it is more important than ever to ensure your business is easily found online. Here are some top digital marketing tips to get you started: Ensure your google directory business listing is up to date and opening hours are correct. People are relying more than […]

In a day and age where everything is automated and everything is online, the future of business is changing. Consumers won’t wait for you to catch up and the future of your business is entirely up to you. “Business is changing so rapidly and without the right information businesses won’t be able to thrive in […]