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What is ‘Brand Development’ all about?
A brand is not a logo, name or colour of typeface. It’s not even your product or service, its all of these things combined and much more. It’s the experience your customers have with all of these elements. It’s how they feel when they buy your products or service and what they think about when they hear your name or see your logo.

Brand Strategy, more commonly known as Brand Development, allows you, your team and us at Kis Marketing to better understand your brand. It enables us to look at what your brand is and what you would like it to become. Brand Development and Strategy allows us to delve deeper into:

  • What a brand really is
  • How brand elements are used
  • The brand awareness of your business
  • Your target markets
  • What you want the public to think of your brand
  • Your brand point of difference
  • The personality traits of your brand
  • Your brand mantra
  • The foundations of marketing your unique brand

Your brand should be forever evolving, growing and pushing the limits, however in order to do that, you and your team must first have a solid and comprehensive understanding of what and who your brand is.