Social media, as much as we hate to admit it has become the cornerstone for most of our online lives. Since the creation of the online network, Facebook in 2004, the growth not only for connecting with others but for the promotion of businesses is outstanding. With billions of users spending hours a day on Facebook, it’s no surprise that companies are using this online outlet as a major marketing tool. Recent studies have showed that Facebook is still the king of the social media jungle, and not just by a little but by a lot!

So why Facebook? Why is it such a force to be reckoned with? Firstly it is the largest social network in the world with 9 million daily users in just Australia alone! As of now Facebook has a total of 1.23 billion monthly active users worldwide. Studies have also shown that users are happy to spend at least 40 minutes a day checking their News Feed, a serious amount of time for businesses to connect and entice users to their brand and gain exposure. The best thing for businesses who use Facebook as a marketing tool is the broad audience that it reaches, not only for age or gender but for nationality and experience. Every type of content can be promoted to reach the right audience, giving it a better chance of being seen and shared.

So there is just no denying it. Facebook is still the king of the social media jungle and by the looks of things it’s continuing to stand its ground and rule the kingdom!