Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? Here are the answers to some common ones. If you want to know anything else email us now or call and we’ll have a chat.


Q. I’ve tried marketing and it didn’t work. How can Kis Marketing help?

Most of the time campaigns don’t work due to lack of expertise. Marketing should be done by a marketing expert. Just as medical advice is given by a doctor and legal advice by a lawyer. Businesses often put together their own marketing campaigns. These campaigns fail to reach the needs of their target market and therefore fail to work. If you’re not a qualified marketing expert and your marketing didn’t work, there’s probably a good reason. At Kis Marketing we do what we are good at and let you focus on your area of expertise.


Q. How long do I need to commit to working with Kis Marketing?

You can work with us for as long or as little as you like. Minimum consulting time is 2 hours.


Q. Is marketing and advertising the same?

No they are not the same, but are closely linked. Marketing is all about creating value for customers, business owners and other stakeholders. Advertising however, is a tool that is used to reach your customers. Advertising is part of promotion which along with product, price, placement and others are an important part of the marketing mix. We use advertising to communicate how we can create value to our customers but it is just one element of marketing.


Q. What size companies does Kis Marketing work with?

We work with a various range of companies from those just starting out to established businesses that have been operating for years. We also help established companies who may be activating a new brand. Most of the businesses we work with have great expertise in their field. However, they don’t have access to strong marketing expertise in house. At Kis Marketing we help develop marketing strategies and implement them on their company’s behalf.


Q. How does it all work when Kis Marketing takes on a new client?

We start each new client with a no obligation, one-on-one free consultation. This can be done in person at your office or over the phone. We have a chat to understand the clients marketing issues and offer some general advice in that meeting on how we can help.


We follow up that meeting by developing a proposal for your consideration. This will outline the steps we will undertake to meet the client’s objectives. Once the proposal is agreed upon, we ask our clients to sign a letter of engagement which outlines what we have agreed to. Then Kis Marketing begin working for you.