customer service

It’s just one unhappy customer, what possible different could they make to my business? This is often the catch cry of bad customer service reps not doing their job properly.

Bottom line is that all the best marketing strategy and collateral in the world won’t work if you run a service based business and you offer poor customer service! if anything brilliant marketing campaigns and strategic marketing plans will make you go out of business faster if you don’t back it up with a great customer experience. Customers will come, get poor service, leave, never come back and also tell everyone through social media not to visit.

Don’t underestimated the power of your consumer and the lifetime value of your customers.

For Example. ABC Chinese Takeaway has a customer Greg who comes in every Tuesday and gets takeout… he only spends $30 per week. THE MATHS:

$30 X 52 = $1560 per year. But he gets married and has two kids.
$30 just went to $75 a week on takeout.
3 years @ $1,560 + 7 years @ $3,900.

Over ten years keeping Greg happy is worth approx: $31,980.

If your business needs any help with marketing or to ensure your customer service is up to scratch get in touch with us. We can look at your customer experience, help create service blue prints and create a services marketing strategy that will work for your business.

Remember if you want to save thousands, one customer is important and a little over a long period adds up.

What’s the lifetime value of your customers?