In marketing, we often talk about brand trust and loyalty, and the best way to build this with your staff, customers and the community, is through consistency. The more consistent you are, the more your audience will feel they know you, and that they can rely on your brand.

Your brand is more than a logo, it’s both the image and personality of the product or service that your business provides. Brand image influences the emotional and psychological relationship between it and your customers. That’s why it is so important to create a brand personality that has a constant tone.

Why is consistency in marketing so important?


Can you depend on the friend who says they will show up at a particular time but is always an hour late, to get you to the airport in time for an international flight? Or, have they created an expectation of unreliability? Just as we lose faith in our friends if they don’t ‘walk the walk’, brands that are inconsistent lose our trust too.

How many times have you seen a large, appetising picture of a juicy burger on the menu board at a fast food outlet, only to receive a smaller, blander version when your meal is served? Have you seen brands that are fun and lively on their social media pages, but when you make a purchase, their actual products are packaged generically with little excitement? These are inconsistencies. Mixed signals confuse your customer and erode any trust they may have built with your brand. 

Meeting the expectations of your audience helps to foster authority and confidence in your business.


Consumers will trust brands they recognise. This isn’t a simple case of getting your name out there on social media, brand recognition is all about giving your consumers the opportunity to know your brand on a personal level.

The majority of purchase decisions are emotionally driven, even if the reason behind them involves practicality. This is why it’s so important that your brand is recognisable and trustworthy.  Positive expectations are associated only with brands we trust, and those we can identify with. 

Recognition engages the right emotions in the consumer, because it helps them feel safe if they think they know you. This is why most people will buy the same brand of bread, milk or paper towels each week at the grocery store. They are familiar, they are trusted.

When you are consistent across all your channels, you’re building a positive, consistent perception among your audience.

How do I develop a consistent brand image?

A consistent brand image involves the seamless functioning of your visual assets with your voice and tone. Your aesthetics, website, social media channels, store front, shop layout and any marketing and advertising efforts must all have a consistent, reliable plan.

Steps to consider:

  • Develop brand guidelines for key messaging and brand asset use
  • Focus on consistency when creating content for the brand, and establish a consistent tone and personality to be used across all channels
  • Ensure visual assets, such as your logo, are always used consistently to avoid brand confusion
  • To foster familiarity and authenticity, make sure the things you do offline (like events in your store or workplace) are featured on your online channels too
  • Choose your social channels wisely, as some platforms will be better suited to your offering than others

Through consistency in messaging, your brand will become trusted, dependable and familiar. If you need help with evaluating your current marketing plan, or your brand tone and personality, please feel free to call the friendly team at Kis Marketing on 4934 4556. We have extensive experience in helping businesses to fine-tune their voices, through consistent branding practices.