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Australian Executive Coach, Glenda May, equates much of her international success to becoming an author. By sharing her knowledge and expertise with others in her field and potential clients, she boosted her own reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and professional Coach. Her series of books has enabled her to reach an international market much quicker. Like Glenda May, you too can bolster your career by self-publishing a book. It’s been done by many leading names in all sectors. Not sure how to go about it? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide on how to strategically build your profile by becoming an author.

Step one: do your research
First things first, in order to write a bestselling book, you need to know what people want to read. Conduct some market research, get to know your target market and find out what it is that you can offer people that would make them want to buy your book. Because you’re writing about your chosen field, it should be easy to put yourself in your audience’s shoes!

Step two: write an amazing book
Not to sound too blasé about it, but now all you need to do is write an amazing book that people are going to want to read. This might take some time, and probably quite a lot of edits! It could be worth outsourcing a Copywriter or Proofreader to help you get to grips with the grammar and spelling, and also so you can get an outsider’s opinion on what you’ve wrote. If you’re putting your name and staking your career on this, it needs to be good!

Step three: design an eye-catching cover
If you want your book to sell, it has to grab people’s attention! There are hundreds of thousands of books readily available on sites like Amazon, so you need to make sure that yours looks professional and interesting. Again, you may need to outsource some additional talent; invest in a Graphic Designer to help perfect your book’s cover.

Step four: get your description just right
Apart from the cover of your book, the only thing you have to sell your book to customers is the description. It needs to be succinct, powerful and interesting. To help market your book better, you may be best off including some keywords that Google and Amazon are going to pick up on. This will help your book rank higher and reach more people, therefore leading to more sales.

Step five: collect reviews
Once your book has started to sell, it is vital that you start getting some reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the more people are likely to buy the book. Good reviews and a higher rate of download are factors that Amazon’s algorithm uses to rank books, so this is a key step. It’s not enough to simply sit back and wait for reviews to come in, you need to actively pursue reviews. The way to do this is to offer a free chapter or snippet of book available for download for those who give their email addresses. Once you have their email addresses, you can send a mass marketing email to everyone on your mailing list and encourage them to leave an honest review of your book.

Step six: market your book
Of course, even if you write a revolutionary piece of literature, without the right marketing technique, it isn’t going to reach a wide enough audience to make an impact. You will need to have a full marketing strategy in place. Content marketing, guest blogging and social media can go a long way in helping to increase traffic to your book.

We could say more, but we don’t want to be giving away too many of our expert tips for free. For our best strategies to market a book, you should really get in contact with us…

Step seven: keep the ball rolling
Once you’ve started to get downloads and your book has begun to climb up Amazon or Google’s rankings, don’t just sit back. You need to continue to build momentum and encourage more people to buy your book. Reach out to sites such as Reading Deals, Robin Reads, and Fussy Librarian and get involved in any free or paid marketing schemes you can to help your book keep climbing higher.

Step eight: use your book to unlock more doors
Now this is the big one. Now that your book has reached a wide audience and is generating income, interest and prospects, capitalise on them. Remember, the aim wasn’t to become a well-known author, it was to use your book to build your professional profile. You can begin by using the mailing list you’ve built up through book sales to go about marketing your career and services. You can also use any guest blogs, interviews or other press releases to focus on your career. And, of course, make sure that everything relating to your book is directed to where it really matters: your professional website or LinkedIn page.

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