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Digital marketing and strategy can be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming trying to keep up with the latest trends. Investing into this marketing medium is essential for businesses, but are you better off hiring internally, doing it yourself or outsourcing to an agency?

Digital marketing has really taken off over the past 3-5 years, despite its relatively short lifespan, it’s definitely been an instrumental game changer for businesses around the world. The opportunities and potential growth offered by the digital world is significant for those businesses and managers who are ready and willing to embrace it with both hands.Digital Marketing Image

In saying that, diving in head first without the knowledge or understanding of your businesses digital needs or a digital strategy, at the very least, will often result in unsuccessful endeavours in the digital world.

Navigating through the digital world to see results for your business goes far beyond internal digital competence; businesses need to take into consideration the vast and diverse range of digital tools available and how to use them, digital marketing techniques combined with a comprehensive digital strategy, that should be ever developing with the current digital trends, not to mention the ongoing policy changes among the big players such as Google, Facebook and government regulatory bodies.

Even business owners who are ready to spend time to invest into learning these topics will soon find that learning and keeping up with the ever changing and evolving digital world is incredibly time consuming.

So here lies the question, to continue in-house or to outsource to an agency?

Established and experienced marketing agencies who offer digital marketing services come to your businesses with strong and comprehensive digital capabilities, having executed digital marketing strategies for a multitude of diverse businesses, they also come with industry knowledge of what will work in your field and what will not.  The benefit of a marketing agency is that there is a team of professional marketers, dedicated to working towards ensuring your business is successful on a range of digital platforms. This benefit comes at a cheaper price, with less overheads, than what hiring internally will provide you with.

Being able to rely on a marketing agency’s existing experience and knowledge of the digital world can take the stress away. If your business plan already includes digital marketing as a core marketing medium, it should always be backed up with an appropriate investment in order to see the desired results. Merely sending the marketing manager or coordinator to a one-day workshop for digital marketing is not enough to master to digital realm in order to see return on investment.

It’s best to place your business’s digital marketing efforts in the hands of an experiences external marketing agency with a team of people, offering digital strategy and management. Businesses need the peace of mind that an external marketing agency can offer. Having the peace of mind that  their digital efforts are executed with perfection and they are reaching their full potential in the digital space.