business diet

Given the current economic climate and appalling government support, it is difficult for businesses in our region to generate meaningful growth. No matter your other business goals it is fair to say that long term sustainable growth is an underlying agenda of any small business. When tough times hit, marketing and advertising spend is one of the first expenses to be reined in. For some reason this aspect of the business is seen as unnecessary fat that can be easily trimmed. NO! Much like a healthy child’s diet, a healthy business diet is required to ensure its growth.

Research shows that within the first five years following recession, a company who continues to spend on marketing and advertising will be 3.2 times bigger than a competitor of the same size who did not. For your business marketing and advertising spend during this time may mean the difference between prosperity and survival.

At Kis we believe that you should not be reigning in your marketing budget during such tough times. We propose that this is the perfect opportunity for you to get ahead. Whilst trimming the fat and reducing costs is important, you need to be smarter and save the good fats that will help your business grow. To find out if your business marketing is healthy and to ensure you are keeping the good fats in your business diet, contact Kis Marketing today!