Defining your target market is the foundation of any successful marketing plan. When considering demographics, the majority of people will immediately think of categories such as; age group, gender, family status, and special interests. As we live in a technologically driven and digitally connected world, we may sometimes forget just how important local knowledge is to understanding your target audience.

Local marketing knowledge matters, as different geographic regions often have their own way of life and doing business. What one community finds appealing and acceptable may actually be offensive to others. Each region will have their own approach to customer service and business loyalty, so it’s important to know your local area well. Attempting to trade in a local market that you don’t understand can be as disastrous as trying to sell a meat lover’s pizza to a vegan.

Some of the things you need to know about the local community, before you can do business with them, include:

  • Language and acronyms – how do the locals speak? What jargon and acronyms do they use? Are they familiar with your language nuances, or will they be offended?
  • Culture and Tradition – Are there any specific cultural norms? Do they have community traditions, or recurring events?
  • Size of the area – Is it rural or metropolitan? The attitudes and approach of rural versus metropolitan living are often very different.  
  • Economic status – What is the economy like? Is the area typically high or low socio-economic? This will impact disposable income, as well as what the local community is willing to pay for certain products and services.

Whilst Kis Marketing has clients all over NSW and Australia, some of which are operating overseas as well, we are located in East Maitland and helping local businesses thrive is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about local business, and we are extremely familiar with the local market. We also understand that when we work with businesses in a different location, it’s important to understand the values of their community too.

Using Maitland as an example, it’s significant to note that we are a non-metropolitan area. Maitland is a loyal community with many established events and traditions. Some statistics from a 2017 McCrindle Report that may help to understand the market better include:

  • At the time, the population of Maitland was 77,305, with a median age of 36.
  • The Maitland population growth between 2011 and 2017 was 15%.
  • 98% of all local businesses in the Lower Hunter employ less than 20 people, meaning we are a small-business community.
  • 28% of Lower Hunter households are couples only, while 12% are single parents and 30% are families.
  • 34% of the Lower Hunter population own their homes outright, with 34% paying off a mortgage and 28% of the population are renting.
  • In 2016, Baby Boomers made up the largest percentage of the Lower Hunter population (at 23%).

Local knowledge is imperative to all aspects of the marketing mix. It also helps to establish a meaningful connection between your business and the community. Make sure you truly understand your targeted area, by getting to know the locals and their values. At Kis Marketing, we know Maitland and the Hunter Valley well, not just from years of residency, but from participation in local business chambers and events. We love the Hunter Valley and the people who live here.

If you’d like help in understanding your local market, and applying that your marketing plans,  feel free to phone the friendly team at Kis Marketing on 4934 4556.

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