Cristen Kis Marketing

If you can’t hold it, you can’t hear it, see it or smell it, how can you market it?

Unfortunately this is a serious challenge faced by so many business owners in today’s challenging market conditions where the consumers want more bang for their buck and they want it now!

In 2012, almost 70% of Australia’s GDP came from the services sector. So we can see what used to be a product-driven economy has been replaced with services. A service is mainly a promise that someone will do something or share some wisdom with you. Knowing this, the challenge becomes figuring out how we sell, develop and make the services grow.

How do we market the invisible?

Step One – Revisit the characteristics of your service

Your PEOPLE are inseparable from the service they are giving. You and your staff can not be separated from the service itself. So make sure your business has the best PEOPLE.

You only have one shot to get it right. Services are Perishable so it’s critical to do it right the first time. Keep up to date with industry knowledge and get it right the first time.

Your PROCESSES have to be water tight. A service is Variable, so you need to have some service blueprints in place to ensure that the same great quality service is offered every time regardless of who is serving the customer.

Ensure that your PHYSICAL EVIDENCE fits with your brand. Remember the Intangibility of your service and try to create value for your clients by giving them something tangible to remember you by. A gift, a business card, a service list. Consumers will often make decisions on observations; staff uniform, physical appearance and furnishings can even bring confidence to a consumer and sway them towards your brand.

Step Two – Remember your customer is a co-producer of the service.

The service you offer could not exist without their active and willing participation. Value your consumer and keep in mind the benefits they are seeking.

Step Three – Promote a Simple Value Proposition in a Creative Way

Sometimes real endorsements from real people and vivid imagery can help when promoting the invisible. Be creative and if you are not that way inclined hire a creative agency to think up the vivid imagery for you. Have a clear value proposition different from your competitors and avoid ad-hoc advertising.

Above all Keep It Simple!