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Youth Express approached Kis Marketing wanting to gain more students and better assist students with the transition from school to work. Kis Marketing identified the need for an acquisition strategy, creative campaign, marketing plan and overall marketing management.

Kis Marketing created the ‘MOVE ON successfully from school to work’ campaign as part of the larger acquisition strategy. This campaign was used to inform school leavers that Youth Express was offering paid and sponsored services to assist youth with making that transition as simple as possible.

A full IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications Plan) was put together for this campaign which included digital marketing, radio marketing, OOH and personal selling. Kis Marketing effectively worked as Youth Express’s marketing department during this time to ensure the implementation of the IMC plan ran smoothly.

In 2018, Youth Express developed their KauKan program which ensures Indigenous people have the attributes and skills needed to actively compete for opportunities and enjoy sustainable employment. We assisted with the marketing and implementation of this new campaign, including the development of a 6 month marketing strategy, the creation of a new page on their website, flyer design, as well as the planning, scripting, cinematography and creation of a 4 minute video and a 30 second social media clip.

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