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Promo Videos - Kis Marketing - Boutique Marketing Agency - Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley

If they say a picture says a thousand words, a promotional video must speak several thousand. At Kis Marketing we work with the best in the business to produce corporate, appropriate promotional videos to get the message across directly to your target market. With a fresh and new perspective for every client we work with, we are dedicated to providing rational, logical and creative ideas to ensure your business is a step ahead of the rest.

Promotional Video Production includes:

  • Pre and Post Production meetings where concepts are created, scripts are written, storyboards are made and the video is fine tuned.
  • 1 day camera shoot in multiple locations (if needed)
  • Post Production editing, ingesting footage, colour grading, sound mixing, processing and rendering into required format.
  • Designing and building animated logos and graphics
  • Creating and recording voice overs, music and sound.

We can also provide you with a strategic implementation and roll out plan for your new promotional video. Kis Marketing has extensive experience in creating promotional videos for a diverse range of clients. Check out some of the work we have done in the past.