04 Sep 2015

The Mai-Wel Group

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The first step; Cristen developed and presented to me, a Marketing Communication Plan which I accepted. The efforts by Kis Marketing delivered an excellent outcome, and as a result Mai-Wel’s Gala Ball raffle sales increased by more than 500%.
Kis Marketing also led a successful Volunteer Campaign which generated interest and delivered a number of new Volunteers to our Organisation. Kis Marketing were involved and delivered in two other aspects of marketing for Mai-Wel in brand development concepts and communications plans for two of our business’.
Last but not least Cristen Cable was engaged to assist in seeking sponsorship for annual Mai-Wel events, which was achieved. I was very pleased with the outcome, for those events. Extra to that though, and very pleasing were the other new community relationships built, resulting in other forms of new sponsorships, outside the events.
In my experience, Kis Marketing delivers on time, on budget and has an excellent knowledge of marketing and of local Contacts across the Hunter region. I recommend Cristen and the Kis Marketing Team.