Emily and Bronte

Generation Y is stepping up in modern society to create value, and assist in today’s diverse marketing needs. It has become evident that there has been an increase in further education and training in young marketers, and this has proven to be effective and a success for business owners today. We can speak from experience.

Kis Marketing’s team is made of 50% Gen Y. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding to the success of Kis Marketing. Emily and Bronte, employed for perform essential marketing tasks and are brilliant marketing coordinators. As Gen Y they think outside the square and use their skills and knowledge to assist us in meeting our clients’ varying needs. They are highly motivated and always hungry for a new challenge.

Despite the harsh wrap that Gen Y are getting today, with the right training and mentoring, Kis Marketing has found that hiring Gen Y members to be highly worthwhile, as we are able to gain a different perspective on marketing and the needs of today’s businesses and consumers. “The energy, enthusiasm and intelligence of these young women is admirable and we love working with a team that is so passionate about marketing, and who are motivated to exceed not just our expectations, but those of our clients” said Managing Director Cristen Cable.

We would encourage other businesses to look to our future leaders and business owners of tomorrow when they are expanding their teams. You may be pleasantly surprised on the asset these young people can be to your business.