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Remarketing might sound like a foreign term, but you’re probably more familiar with it than you realise. You may have noticed that after visiting some websites, their digital adverts follow you on other searches, sites or while you’re reading the news or watching videos on YouTube? You may even feel like you are being followed. The truth is, you are, and it is called remarketing.

Essentially, remarketing is a specialised form of online advertising, a tool allowing businesses to show targeted ads to web surfers who have previously visited their site. After the first visit, viewers will then see ads elsewhere, this repetition holding the brand in the forefront of the consumer’s mind and encouraging them to come back again and again. This works on the premise that once familiarity with your brand is established, customers are more likely to purchase, and continue to return to your website.

By targeting prior site visitors, you know there’s a good chance they are in the market to buy whatever it is you’re selling. Remarketing has proven to be a successful strategy that drastically increases conversion rates and, therefore, ROI.

Not only effective, remarketing is typically considered to be a cost effective marketing strategy. Costing is typically cheaper per click than a search ad. However, it is a highly specialised field and to obtain the best result for your investment, we recommend using someone proficient in remarketing. An experienced marketer can guide you holistically with the right areas to target and even organise and manage all the remarketing for you.

At Kis Marketing, our team are highly experienced and have had great success in using remarketing campaigns for our clients. If you’re interested in using remarketing to target purchase-ready customers and entice them back to your website and business, contact us today for more information on 4934 4556.