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February, the last month of summer and host of the most romantic day of the year. The exact origins of St. Valentine’s holiday has long been shrouded in mystery, with reports of both Christian and ancient Roman ties. In the western world, it became a popularly celebrated day around the 17th century with friends and lovers exchanging cards and messages of gratitude for their relationships, friendships and love.

Apparently, over 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent annually around the world, making it second only to Christmas as a card-sending holiday. Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day has also fallen subject to accusations of commercialism, which isn’t surprising in our modern purchase-driven society.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, and its delicious marketing appeal, the team at Kis Marketing would like to share the reasons why we’re in love with marketing. Oh marketing, how do we love thee, let us count the ways…

Cristen, our Managing Director says:

“Marketing is fun, diverse but still so strong. I still get amazed at the power of good marketing to shape customer behaviours, people’s opinions and the impact on the development of society as a whole. It has amazing power, but with that power comes a lot of responsibility, that’s why it is so important to have good marketers who do the right thing.

I love how marketing is that perfect balance of an art and a science. It is analytical and stats based which is incredibly great for measuring ROI, but it is also beautifully creative. Brainstorming is fun, and I love watching a brand or campaign come together and I get great satisfaction knowing that our team created the masterpiece. I also love how marketing is a very social industry and how we never stop learning about new industries or meeting new people. I could keep going all day…. but in the spirit of keeping it simple, obviously, I love what I do!”

Bronte, our Marketing Coordinator says:

“When people ask me ‘what do you actually do?’- I always struggle to answer as I could literally spend hours listing the things I do as a Marketing Coordinator, but this is one of the reasons I love marketing – the variety! Marketing isn’t just a TV commercial or logo like everyone seems to think, there are so many other little things that need to be considered. These smaller aspects of marketing, as well as internal marketing, are really interesting to me as I can see how it contributes to the bigger image of a brand. Due to the diversity of the industry, I am constantly learning new things, whether that be new marketing tools and platforms or completely different industries from brands we work with. I also love educating people on different marketing platforms and helping them to understand some of the things that must be considered within marketing.”

Jade, our Admin, Accounts and Marketing Assistant says:

 “I really love helping business owners to make really good marketing decisions. It is satisfying being able to help create campaigns, see them in action and watch the results. We love hearing about the results of our projects such as increasing sales, and knowing that was due to a campaign we created. I love that every day is not the same, and that every day I am learning something new.”

Jenna, our Marketing and Copy Assistant says:

“I am in love with marketing for lots of different reasons but top of the list would be the chance to be creative and think outside the box. I love looking at the big picture and making plans based on understanding a brand and their target demographic. I appreciate the diversity of clients and industries that we work with and find a lot of fun in the challenges that are presented as well.

My work is primarily in creating content for various platforms and I enjoy the interaction between brands and their audiences. I find the use of modern marketing channels intriguing, and love that they give each brand the opportunity to have a unique voice. Marketing isn’t something you can delve in to with no real plan. It requires knowledge, creativity, dedication and the ability to assess your work and make changes. You have to be willing to keep up with trends, technology and processes and I love watching projects evolve, adapt and grow. Marketing is basically awesome.” 


They say you should ‘do what you love, and others will love what you do,’ and we believe in that ethos wholeheartedly. The team at Kis Marketing would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrate with partners, friends or colleagues, take some time today to think about the people and the things you love. We hope you love what you do as much as we love what we do!