Are You Looking For a New High Quality Website?

Results Focused

Is your website built for results or just for looks?

At KIS we are marketing experts first, which means when we build your website we are building it with results in mind. Traffic, conversion, and sales are the metrics that drive your business… not just how pretty your website looks (though we will help with that too).

All In House

Are you working with one team or many?

KIS’s team of experts, boasting a diverse marketing skillset, will work on your website as a team. That means project planning is done in house, design is done in house, tech is done in house and the build is done in house. We keep the project simple by having one point of contact for all your website needs.

Match Your Vision

From heart, to screen. We make it happen.

In your heart you have a vision for YOUR perfect website. Our questionnaire and initial consultations are designed to capture your ideal vision with a bit of our expertise sprinkled on top. This means at the end of the project you have the website that YOU want.

Your Vision + Our Expertise = Your New Website

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The KIS Marketing Team offer full-service website design and development. From clean and simple four-page sites through to completely custom, interactive sites including e-commerce functionality and everything in between.

Because we have all the expertise in house, we can effectively manage the time and cost of your website and will ensure it delivers on your objectives.

We understand the value of having a highly functional and relevant website to reflect the brand, ethos and unique selling points of your business.

Do you have your own content prepared? We can use your words or we can prepare all the content for you, so you get on with your business while we take care of the rest.

We recognise that for some businesses, embarking on building a digital presence can be daunting and for other businesses, there is great enthusiasm to leap into this exciting new world. Either way, the return on investment and potential growth for your business is huge.

You always have complete peace of mind because we:

  • Provide a fixed price quotation
  • Adopt the latest security functionality
  • Host your website and data here in Australia
  • Build in web analytics so you can track your success
  • Are local, trusted and proven to deliver on time and on budget

Make your dream a reality.

Get in contact with us for a FREE 30 minute website consultation: find out what KIS can do for you.